Modern everyday life is so full of hustle and bustle that we don't have enough time to take a breath of fresh air and open ourselves to a serious relationship with a potential of marriage. Dating websites like help millions of people find each other for marriage or for a sincere romantic relationship.

Ladadate Review: Overall Information

The first peculiarity of Ladadate is that women are not allowed to register there. All of the profiles you see here belong to the women-clients of the platform. Most of the women are presented by their local marriage agencies and the website works in collaboration with these agencies.

Each of the women's profiles is officially approved. The owners of the website say that they do their best to protect the men looking for relationships from fraudsters. Safety of the clients is the main policy of Ladadate. Shady profiles are blocked at once.

The company works in Ukraine and Russia with about 50 offices in these countries. They help the clients communicate with each other by means of video chats and texting. Besides, they organize the meetings. Sounds miraculous, because the owners of the company say they do their best to find a perfect match for every man basing on his and her preferences.

Bad News

The first impression is great, isn't it? Comfortable search, contemporary design, millions of variants… One of the bad news in this Ladadate review is that you have to pay for a chance to find a match. If you don't pay enough, you won't be able to start a conversation with someone you like. As soon as you register and fill in your profile, you have to buy credits. The more credits you buy, the more chances you'll have to find your match and start a conversation. If you don't buy credits at all, you can simply browse through the profiles of the girls.

Credits on Ladadate are spent on everything: to send a message, to watch a video, to chat, to get one minute of a live video conversation with a girl. You'll have to spend 25 credits on the contacts of the girl. The full information about the credits is accessible only after you register your profile on the platform. So, be prepared.

Ladadate Scam

The platform convinces the users that it has a stable anti-scam policy. However, if you study the privacy policy, you may notice, that Ladadate does not give you full guarantees of anything. The scam is possible and the owners of the platform agree with it. The staff is not responsible for the potential risks if you do sill things voluntarily – men use the website at their personal risks. Keep this in mind before you proceed with the registration.