Ukrainian and Russian women – the main differences

Although these both nations belong to Slavonic, some differences between them exist and men, seeking the mail bride better to know it.

Why do you need to know it

Anyway, when a man is seeking a bride, he introduces with a lot of women. But he can make a lot of mistakes in a relationship if will consider them as the same, especially when they belong to different nations.

When a man knows thin nuances, it helps him:
to understand correctly some features of women's behavior;
to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding;
to make real plans for a life with a woman.

The mostly a man needs it if he considers candidates for being his wife from both nations.

Differences between Russians and Ukrainian

These differences are caused by a historical development of both nations, forming their mentality during thousands of years, climatic conditions, cultures, economic situation and a lot of other nuances.

Ukraine is situated geographically at the latitudes of the Southern Russia, so there are many close features between south Russians and Ukrainians. They, as other southern nations, are musical, like to sing, very opened mentally. Both these land are regions of a well-developed agriculture, so native girls from there mostly know how to grow fruits and vegetables.

Russian women living in Siberia, have a little other temperament, they are more intelligent, educated, tender and kind. They appreciate more the mental possibilities and moral status of a man than his muscles, appearance, and talent to work physically.

Northern Russians living in the severe conditions are much more kind and ready to help unknown people. Other side – if you live in a land, where are no such traditions as friendship with neighbors, help to poor people, be sincere with people – think twice before you choose sincere, kind, friendly woman. She can feel herself very lonely living closely without contacts with people around, and their egotism will injure her.

Very common advice, but enough correct – if you need a merry, active wife, ready for the physical work, which can be your helper in own garden or farm – choose Ukrainian girls or southern Russian women. If you prefer to have an educated intelligent bride with good manners, mentally developed, tender and kind – seek among Russian women born or during long time lived in Siberia, St.-Petersburg and a Nothern part of European Russia.