What does a girl really want in a guy?

For getting the love of concrete girl guys during all the history of Mankind tried to be pleasant fot her. They try to be handsome, brave and creative. Let us consider the most attractive for Russian girls features in guys.

Cleanliness. None girl can be sincerely admired or fall in love with a person who forgets to wash hear or wears one shirt during weeks. Such lifestyle repels Russian brides at all and it even proved biologically – in the wild nature any animal can be dirty only when it is sick or wounded and is not ready for nuptial rituals.

Clever mind. Remember, that Russian women and Ukraine brides consider a man as a leader. Who of them wants to follow and to depend of a stupid person which can not make wise decisions in everyday life?

Mutual understanding. Girls as a mirror reflect habits and customs of their guys. They understand guys by soul feeling their moods. If guy is selfish and have no interest to the girl's life – means he is not ready for love and is not enough worthy to trust him fully. Also, problems in a relationship can be caused if guy is closed psychologically. Girl needs to have possibility to take care about him but he closes this door and she feels herself unwanted in his life. Although this feature of the girls sometimes irritates guys but better to pay attention to this moment and try to be more or less open or problems in relationship will appear soon.

Convenience. Russian women and Ukraine single girls psychologically need proofs for the fact that they are really needed for the guy. Especially brightly it is seen if a girl is not self-convenient. Weak persons have a lot of fears and require careful treatment.

Kind. It means not only to present gifts and realize whims. Real kind – it is a wise sense of balance in the life, acts of help when they are really needed, readiness to be near in real life but not only in the game of nuptial rituals.

If ask this question – what does a girl want in a guy – you will get a lot of answers, but young people often don't understand themselves what do they really need. Only with the passed years, getting a bitter experience and making some mistakes in a relationship they begin to understand real value of sincerety, soft, kind and love if don't become disappointed and evil.

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